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PUNUNE (pronounced pun-yoon) was created to serve Central Missouri's business, industrial, educational, and health provider's technical needs. We provide: web site design, web site administration, custom software programming for PC's and PDA's, database design, PLC programming, and sales / service of business equipment
email: info@punune.com

Web Design - Anyway you want it.

Adobe (Macromedia) Flash is the number one way to incorporate motion graphics in web site and ads, and now on cellular phones. We use the latest design tools - Flash 8 and Fireworks 8 - to create your ads or graphics. If you would then like to make your own changes to the web site after creation you can...using Adobe Contribute. Or if you want us to update your site on a regular basis...let's talk.

But did you know Flash can do much more? Using the ActionScript programming language you can have a complete application for your web site, PDA, or cell phone. Let us show you a demonstration.

For data centered web sites, especially those involved with Internet sales, we would suggest using Microsoft ASP.Net hosted sites which allow easy database integration. Contact us for more information. After all, we've been creating web sites for over 12 years.

Database Design and Administration

If you are a smaller company and needing help with an Access database, or are moving up to the powerful SQL Server 2005 program to track your inventory, we can provide the database design or the modifications to an existing database that you require.

If you haven't used the new SQL Server 2005, it's never been cheaper to buy, and so is the hardware to run it. Of course, we'd be happy to give you a quote.

ASP, ASP.Net, Sharepoint, XML and Web Services

Need help getting your computer to talk to the next company's computer? Like to have your employees able to work from the road as if they were at the office? Microsoft's new offerings make it easier than ever. And if don't already use Windows Server 2003 and Sharepoint Services, let us show you how easy it is to share information among your employees.

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